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  • How do I associate a rubric with an assignment or discussion?


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  • Associated rubrics are visible under the grading and rubrics settings for:
    • Assignments
    • Essay, short answer, and file response test questions
    • Blogs and journals
    • Wikis
    • Discussion Board threads and forums
  1. You can also associate a rubric with a column in the Grade Center by selecting Edit Column Information from the column's contextual menu.
  2. To associate a rubric during the editing or creation process, position your cursor over Add Rubric to access the drop-down list and choose one of the options:
    • Select Rubric associates a rubric that was created in the Rubrics area of Course Tools.
    • Create New Rubric opens a pop-up window to allow immediate creation of a new associated rubric.
    • Create From Existing uses a previously created rubric as a template to create a new associated rubric.
  3. When associating a points-based rubric, the option to use the rubric's points value as the points possible are available after clicking Submit on the rubric creation or selection page.

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